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NARBC St. Louis Recap and Vending a Reptile Show - Part 1

We just got back from the brand new NARBC St. Louis show early yesterday morning and although I'm tired I feel so revitalized! This show had great energy with a lot of smiling (under the mask -- thanks to corona) faces! I enjoyed talking to everyone that came by our booth and we got to hang out with some friends during and after the show as well. I also made it a point to walk around the show and visit other vendors. I could really do better about that last part, since often times we get so busy running the booth it is almost the end of the show before I realize I haven't left the table! Brian, Bob, Kristin, and the entire crew did an awesome job putting this show together on short notice and despite all the obstacles (corona, holiday weekend, new venue/show, Tinley cancellations, etc). Great job you guys!

So I started thinking about some show related topics over the weekend, and thought it could make a good learning opportunity. We have been vending shows for years, and have the process down pretty well. In part two of this series I will make a list of tips that will hopefully help make your show experience a success! For this initial segment, I will start with the most important thing...TALK TO PEOPLE!

Something I noticed when I walked around the show is all the vendors that made it a point to acknowledge me as I came up to the table. A simple hello is fantastic and opens up the conversation! On the same note, I also notice the vendors that say nothing. Y'all (yes I'm southern, don't judge me!)... we are in the business of networking and talking to people. Most people don't spend decent money with people they don't know. The only way to build your reputation is to treat people right and talk to them! We make it a point to greet everyone that comes by our table, even if I know they aren't even into ball pythons! I have met some really cool and interesting folks over the years, but none of that would have been possible if the conversation never happened.

That's all for now! Keep an eye out for the next post where I discuss our tips for a successful show! Thank you for reading and feel free to share!


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