Our Story


We are a husband and wife team of reptile lovers that spend most of our free time raising snakes! Designer Ball Pythons are our specialty, but we also have a small group of Angolan Pythons and Western Hognose. In addition to our breeder animals, we keep a couple of pet reptiles including a Black & White Argentine Tegu. Our focus is producing the highest quality animals that we possibly can and providing excellent customer support. We spend several months planning our pairings each year to ensure that everything is carefully thought out. Our animals are given the best possible care and environment, and we are always looking for new, innovative ways to improve our animals’ lives. All of the babies that we offer for sale are babies we have worked hard to produce, we do not purchase animals for the purpose of reselling. Occasionally we will offer adults for sale, and some of these may be animals that we purchased in the past to add to our breeding group.


I have loved anything having to do with reptiles since I was about 10 years old. I read every book I could find on reptiles and researched almost obsessively for hours on end when I was growing up. I fondly remember spending most of my days out in the woods and creek behind my house looking for snakes, lizards, turtles, and other critters. My mom wasn’t a fan of my findings, but eventually stopped objecting to my “odd” pets. I purchased my first reptile, a Colombian Boa Constrictor, in 2006 after I came home from Basic Training for the Army. I then purchased an albino California Kingsnake and a normal Ball Python soon after. This set the wheels in motion for my quickly growing passion for ball pythons and all of the colors/patterns they came in. Back in 2007 there was not nearly the multitude of morphs that are around today! I started out with Pastels, Spiders, Albinos, and Pieds and still work with all of those morphs to this day!

The next chapter is a dark one that I don’t enjoy talking about much, but we all live and learn. My first marriage was not a happy one, but did fuel my passion for reptiles since my ex-husband was into reptiles as well. We parted ways in 2013 on bad terms while I was at the police academy and I almost got out of reptiles. I kept a small collection of animals after the divorce, but didn’t do much breeding for a couple of years. We did have a beautiful daughter together, however, and she thankfully is interested in reptiles too!


In August of 2014 I met Matt and we got married the following year in December of 2015. It was funny because Matt did not understand the snakes when we met, and was very reluctant to handle any of the snakes for a while. He was mostly scared of getting bit by the snakes, and hilariously enough his first bite was from a leopard gecko! Eventually he came around and started helping me clean and work with the animals. This turned into time spent together as we began carefully growing and building our collection into what it is today. In August of 2017 Matt had to take over all of the care as I left the country on a 9 month deployment with the Army. This was a challenging time for the both of us, but we made it through with the help of the internet and nightly chats about breeding plans, future goals, etc. Matt and I work on the business together in our spare time (we both still work full time jobs!) and enjoy the opportunity to travel the country and meet people that share our passion for reptiles! Matt is a guru regarding anything construction related and takes the lead in all of our never-ending building dreams. We are currently in the process of building a new facility on a 9 acre farm we purchased in the fall of 2018!

Thank you for taking the time to read our story! If there is anything we can do to help you on your journey, please reach out to us.

Anya & Matt Littlefield